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Linked Campaigns

Sometimes, a campaign using Reach will cross-endorse and join forces with another Reach campaign, or be working as part of a larger organization containing many related Reach campaigns. If campaigns in Reach decide to link, then when a user visit’s a voter’s Person Screen, they’ll see a new tab called “Linked”. On that tab, they’ll see the Primary Survey Question for every other linked campaign relevant to that voter. When you pick responses for these questions, that data will be received directly by that other campaign. Linking campaigns can even work between more than two campaigns, so don’t worry about being a third wheel! If you want to set up linked campaigns, just contact us.

Each campaign in a given “Campaign Cluster” can choose whether they want to see shared questions from other campaigns in the cluster AND whether or not they want to share their primary question with other campaigns in the cluster. This allows for extremely flexible clustering so linked campaigns can work just right for a wide variety of different situations:

Two-way Linking

In this version, both campaigns in the linked pair will see a Linked Campaign section for applicable voters. For example, if a City Council candidate cross-endorses with a mayoral candidate, and a volunteer in the mayoral campaign looks up a voter in that City Council candidate’s district, they’ll see both their own primary survey question, as well as the Linked Campaigns section. In the council campaign, any time they look up a voter that is both in the Council district as well as the mayoral district, they’ll see a Linked Campaigns section.

One-Way Linking

In this version, one campaign in the linked pair will see their own normal survey questions, while the second campaign in the pair will see a Linked Campaign section. For example, if a progressive organization wants to be able to ID for their endorsed candidates that are using Reach, they will want to see a Linked Campaigns section with those candidates’ Primary Survey Questions. However, the candidate campaigns in this scenario do not want to see the progressive org’s Primary Survey Question, so one-way linking would be used.

An important note about Primary Survey Questions

The Primary Survey Question of a linked campaign is fully controlled by that other campaign or organization. Be sure to check with your fellow campaign if you have any questions about it.

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