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Communication is key on any campaign and Reach is here to help when you need to make sure your users get a message or remind them to get out there and talk to more folks. As a campaign admin or owner, you can use the Push Notifications Admin screen to send a notification to your users’ device.

What is a Push Notification?

A Push Notification is a text-based message that pops up on the screen of a mobile device. If you get sports scores or news headlines or emails popping up on your lock screen or the top of your screen while you’re using your phone, those are Push Notifications. Many apps can send Push Notifications and Reach is one of them!

Who Will Receive Push Notifications?

Any use who logs into the Reach app on their phone will be prompted to give the app permission to display Push Notifications. The user will be able to choose whether to allow it or not. If they choose no, we will not be able to send them a notification. If they choose yes, game on!

When you are using the Push Notifications Admin Screen to compose and send a new Push Notification, you will see notice in the top right corner telling you how many of your users will receive a given Push Notification. If the number is lower than you’d like, you need to convince more of your users to install the Reach app on their devices and enable Push Notifications permissions.

A user can go back into their settings on iOS and Android enable permissions even if they initially denied permission.

If a user has the app open when the notification is sent, they will not see the notification.

What are the components of a Push Notification?


This is used to identify your Push Notification in Reach. Your users who receive the notification will not see it. It could be something like “GOTV Blast 0624” or “Pre-debate Reminder” or anything else that will be helpful.

Campaign Name

Every Push Notification you send will begin with your Campaign Name in Reach. That way, you’re users always know who is notifying them.


On iOS, it is possible to include a title in your push notification. It will appear above the message. This title will not display on Android devices, so don’t put anything too critical here. The title will always remain on one line, so the amount of text you can fit here depends on the size of the screen and the zoom of the text on your user’s phone. We allow up to 35 characters, but recommend keeping it around 25-30 if you want most users to see most of the title.


This is the message itself. We allow up to 250 characters. Emojis are 👍! All of that will be sent to the user. The amount they can see in the notification banner itself or the lock screen will be limited, but if they tap in to view the full notification, they will see the full message.

What Happens when someone Taps on a Notification?

When a user taps on your Push Notification, it will open the Reach app on their device.

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