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Tags are completely customizable by each campaign. To customize your tags, visit the Tags screen from the Admin Dashboard or Sidebar, or directly here.

This is the "Tags" screen in the admin dashboard of the Reach desktop interface.
This is the Tags screen

Auto-Applied Tags

These tags get applied automatically depending on how someone is added to Reach. The first one is applied to everyone who is bulk-uploaded to your campaign when we create it or when you send us a new file. The second one is applied to all new people added to your campaign by your Reach users within the app.

These auto-applied tags can be renamed to better-suit your specific campaign, but they cannot be deleted and their description cannot be edited.

Campaign Tags

These tags are 100% customizable by your campaign. When your Reach campaign first goes live, there will be no Campaign Tags. It is up to you to add them as needed. Reach Complete campaigns can create up to 30 tags, and Reach Movement subscriptions come with unlimited Campaign Tags. Reach Basics subscriptions are limited to three.

Some ideas for useful tags are descriptors like “Volunteer”, “Needs to Register”, “Member”, “Donor”; you could also use tags to note when and where you spoke with someone — like “Event: GND Town Hall 0525”.

Creating New Tags

Click the “+ Add New Tag” button to make a new tag. You’ll get a pop-up dialog asking you for a name and a description. Keep in mind that tag names can only be up to 35 characters long. The description is just for you to keep track of your tags and is only visible on this admin screen.

This is the window that comes up when you click on the "Add New Tag" button. This window has an entry to name the tag, and a larger entry to describe the tag.
This is how you create a new tag.

Editing Tags

Click the pencil icon next to a tag to edit its name or description. When you’re done, just click Save.

Deleting Tags

If you just want a tag to go away, click the red trash can icon in that tag’s row to delete the tag. You will be warned about deleting the tag. Once you confirm, the tag will be gone. It will no longer be visible anywhere in the app. You cannot delete Auto-Assigned Tags.

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Last Updated On September 09, 2019