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User Groups

User Groups is an advanced feature of Reach that is not yet fully supported via the User Interface. As they exist today, User Groups allow for the following functionality:

  • A user’s groups display in the Users admin screen.
  • A user’s groups appear in the Users export.
  • You can target Push Notifications to a specific user group.
  • You can target survey question sets to be visible to some user groups but not others.

User Groups can be created and edited and managed by Reach Movement campaigns via the Reach API (docs at Once you’ve created groups via the API and added users to them, any admin using the Admin Dashboard can see which groups a given user is in from the Users admin screen and pick from those groups when composing and sending a push notification from the Notifications admin screen.

In order to target Question Sets, please contact Reach support.

Coming soon, it will be possible to target Action Cards to specific groups as well.

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