Version 1.10.7

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Released February 6, 2020

We’ve rearranged things on the Person Profile screen to make it easier than ever to follow-up with the people you have collected contact info for! Now, the contact actions that are available to you appear right at the top of the screen under the person’s name.

Summary of Changes

  • Improvements:
    • Redesigned person profile screen for more prominent contact actions.
    • New “Phone call” contact action to call a person right from the app.
    • Clearer branding controls in Admin for organizations who are not Reach Movement subscribers.
  • Bug Fixes
    • Connection errors in Reach should come much less often.
    • Refreshing right after saving a phone number or email address would sometimes make the newly-saved info invisible. No more!
    • If you try to visit the URL of a person in a different campaign, this will be handled more gracefully.
    • When editing questions, the warning about overwriting someone else’s changed was coming up incorrectly.

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