The new grassroots canvassing app that lets you truly meet

where they are.

The way we canvass is broken. Existing tools guide us to think about our voters as pre-built lists of people who are or are not worth talking to. But real life doesn’t work like that. Your supporters and volunteers are out in the world encountering potential voters every day but they have no way to capture those meaningful voter interactions and convert them into real, usable data that will power your campaign’s GOTV effort and result in a win.

Now, everyone is within
ID Anybody

Interact with and activate any voter you meet.

Register a Voter*

Instantly register eligible residents to vote.


Compete with other supporters to rise to the top of the rankings!

Capture Data

Record support scores, add contact info, answer custom questions*.


Revisit past interactions & keep relationships alive.

Linked Campaigns

Hitting the streets for multiple righteous candidates? Reach has you covered.


Priced with the grassroots in mind.

No cost per user. No cost per response. No setup costs.

Pick a campaign size to see monthly pricing based on the size of your database. Discounts available for annual licensing.


See if Reach is a good fit.
  • Maximum 3 Users
  • No Export
  • All other features included.


Dip your toes in.
$ ...
  • Unlimited Users and Responses
  • Quick Search
  • Household Search
  • My History
  • Admin Dashboard
  • Email Support


The full Reach experience.
$ ...
  • Leaderboard
  • Mass Invite Codes
  • Linked Campaigns
  • Email/SMS Follow-up *
  • Register Voters *
  • Custom Questions *
  • Phone/Live Chat Support


Be a part of the future of Reach.
  • Rapid Development Timeline
  • Influence New Feature Prioritization
  • Help us serve the movement.

* Feature currently under development



Reaching voters and supporters across the country.