How it Works

Meet Someone Device Shot


Meet people where they are. Have a conversation. Engage them in your cause.


Quickly search a person by name/address, find their record in Reach.

Capture Data Device SHot

Capture Data

Mark a person as a supporter, collect contact info, and gather survey responses.

Designed for the grassroots.

  • Meet a potential volunteer? Deputize them on the spot by inviting them to Reach right from the app.
  • PII is properly masked to keep election data safe.
  • Volunteers can take initiative without depending on campaign HQ for a list
  • Find friends and family in Reach, include them in GOTV targeting and other campaign efforts.

Designed for the digital age.​

  • Don’t let those social media likes and followers go to waste – find and ID them in Reach
  • Clean, mobile-first design with web-based and multi-platform native apps
  • Data is always live and updated. No syncing or downloading of lists.
Rankings Device Shot

Designed for engagement.

  • Leaderboard encourages friendly competition to motivate volunteers.
  • Users can invite others at no cost to the campaign. Let it go viral!
  • Work across multiple campaigns at once.
  • Use relational organizing techniques to follow up and build on conversations with people you’ve met.