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Reach is the tool that has been missing in the organizer’s arsenal, and adds another method of engagement for campaigns. The beauty of Reach lies both in its ease of use and versatility.
Cristina Gonzalez Headshot

Cristina Gonzalez

Campaign Manager
Jumaane Williams for Public Advocate

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Reach is redefining how we contact voters. This app is a relational organizing tool, voter ID catalog, contact updater, and an organizer’s BFF all in one.
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Hannah Fertig

Distributed Organizing Director
Abdul for Governor 2018

Pricing FAQs

You can cancel at any time after the first month. Just let us know you’re done using Reach and we’ll deactivate your campaign and issue a pro-rated refund for the remainder of your current billing cycle.

No problem. Just email us and we can switch your campaign between Basics and Complete or increase/decrease the size of your subscription. Your next bill will reflect the updated subscription.

At the beginning of each billing cycle, you will receive an invoice based on the size of your Reach campaign. Invoices can be paid via online Credit Card, Debit Card, outgoing (push) ACH Transfer, or Pull ACH transfer. We can set up auto-pay for your account using credit card, debit card, or pull ACH so you don’t have to worry about the invoices.

We want to keep Reach as affordable as possible and we don’t want you to have to pay twice for data you’re already paying for elsewhere, so we allow you to bring your own data. We also have relationships and special deals in place with data vendors if you would like to purchase data for use in Reach. More about that here.

We are happy to offer free data processing and upload at the launch of your campaign, and every two months after that. Any data updates before two months have elapsed since your last update will be billed at a rate equal to 1/3 of your monthly subscription fee.

We have found this to be a relatively rare occurrence, but if this is the case in your congressional district, we will honor the “500k” pricing tier for any congressional campaign, even if the actual voter count exceeds 500k. 

Yes! Data security is a priority for us. All data is encrypted in transit and is accessible only via the app. Read more about data security here.

You always own and control the data that you and your team collect in Reach. We will never share it with any third party without your written permission. For more details, view our standard licensing agreement.

Reach is built by progressives, for progressives. This tool is only available to campaigns who meet certain criteria. More about that here.

Yes. Because Reach displays data in realtime to your volunteers and lets them directly search the entire voter file, offline access is not possible at this time.

Reach is a new unique type of canvassing app with a new approach to voter contact. It does some of the same things other apps do, but is divergent in many ways. Read more about this comparison here.

Reach, in its current form, is a canvassing app, primarily used for meeting and gathering data from people in your community. There is some very basic one-on-one texting and emailing functionality built in, but it is not designed to meet the texting needs of a modern campaign. If you’re looking for a great texting tool to message all the folks you canvassed with Reach, we recommend you check out the great stuff from our friends at ThruText, Hustle, Strive Digital, and TextOut

  • Web: Reach will work on any modern web browser. In mobile safari, Reach requires iOS 10.3 or later.
  • iOS: Reach is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.requires iOS 10.0 or later.
  • Android: Reach requires Android 5.0 or later.

Reach is for organizers

Fully Harness People-Power

Volunteer energy is off the charts, but other organizing tools don’t let you fully leverage that power to its potential. Reduce training costs and back-office overhead with an always-ready, intuitive, and flexible canvassing and volunteer management experience.

No more voters left behind

Run your entire campaign with Reach or use Reach in conjunction with traditional methods as a way to catch all the contacts that would otherwise fall through your fingers due to bad data, inefficient outreach methods, and overly-restrictive lists.

Electoral Campaigns

Bring your voter file data and ID those voters.

Non-Profits &
Activist Groups

Build your list and activate your supporters as you take to the streets or organize online for civic engagement.

Trade and Labor Unions

Grow and track union membership. Organize workplaces.

Clubs & Organizations

Survey your members in real life interactions. Drive turnout for events and spread the word.