Best Canvassing Apps for GOTV

When most Americans think of elections, they think of the pivotal day in November when they cast their ballots. But to get to that day, many of us — campaign teams, volunteers, and supportive voters

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Effective Political Canvassing Techniques

Political canvassing is the process of directly engaging with voters to gather information, like registration status or candidate support levels, for a political campaign or organization. This vital information informs campaign strategy, like where and

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AOC with Petitions

Petitioning With Reach

In many states, petitioning for ballot access is one of the first challenges that a field team has to take on. The process can labor-intensive, subject to terrible weather, detail-oriented, difficult to track, and a

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Get Out the Vote with Reach

With election day fast approaching, ensuring that voters turn out is key. In this election in particular, GOTV looks different – it’s not just ensuring voters know their polling location for early voting or election

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Reaching in a Time of Social Distancing

We hope everyone is able to stay safe and healthy during such a chaotic time! With the significant shift that COVID-19 has brought to our society, the campaign landscape has changed. Many progressive organizations and

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Hosting a Reach Volunteer Training

You’ve already set up your campaign, your survey questions and tags are good to go, and you’re ready to get out canvassing! But before your excited volunteers start hitting the pavement, get them set up

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