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Accessing the Admin Dashboard

See Campaign Admin button? Click on it to access the Admin dashboard.

If you are designated as a campaign Admin or Owner you can access the Admin Dashboard for that campaign. You will only be able to access the admin areas on devices with large screens, using a desktop-class browser, so it is time to switch over to your laptop or desktop.

To access the Admin Dashboard:

  1. Login to Reach on a desktop-class web browser by visiting
  2. Click on the campaign name in the top left corner of the screen to open the Campaign Drawer.
  3. Click on the blue gear next to your campaign’s name, and click “Campaign Admin” in the list of Campaign Actions.

You can also go straight to the Admin Dashboard by going to Bookmark it!

You’re on the Admin Dashboard! Pick your admin task and go to town! Please note that if you’re on a Reach Trial or a Reach Basics subscription, certain features may not be available unless you upgrade to a Reach Complete or Reach Movement subscription. If you’d like to upgrade in order to access those features, please contact us at [email protected].

The Admin dashboard.
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