Getting Data into Reach

The key to the Reach experience is searching an existing Data Set. Thus, in order to use Reach, your campaign needs to load the data you want your users to be able to search. BYOD (“Bring Your Own Data”) We function under a “bring your own data” model where we will upload whatever data you … Read moreGetting Data into Reach

Getting Started as a Reach Admin

So your campaign is live on Reach? Congratulations! One you have made your account and logged into Reach, here are some things you’ll want to do so your team can gather responses right away: Add users. There are 2 ways to add users to your campaign: Any member of a campaign can add users by … Read moreGetting Started as a Reach Admin

About the Campaign Details Screen

Think of the Campaign Details screen as your “Main Settings” and “Preferences” screen for your campaign on Reach. Fill out all the fields you can and make sure you click “Save”. You can come back here at any time to make changes.

About the Export Screen

Your Reach data is only as good as your ability to put it to good use in your field plan, GOTV strategy, and election-day operation. That is why Reach provides you with a number of export options that will allow you to get your data where you need it to go. You can export the … Read moreAbout the Export Screen

About the Invite Codes Screen

About Invite Codes An invite code is a unique series of letters and numbers that Admins give supporters to let them instantly join their campaign. Admins can generate, delete, or review invite codes by going to the Admin Dashboard and clicking on Manage Invite Codes. Expired Codes Every code that is generated will allow up … Read moreAbout the Invite Codes Screen

About the Manage Users Screen

Use this screen to browse all the users of your campaign and their basic contact information. You can also see how many responses they have each gathered and when they joined the campaign. Editing User Roles Are some of your users ready for a bit more responsibility? You can edit a user’s “role” using the … Read moreAbout the Manage Users Screen

About the Admin Dashboard

The Admin Dashboard is your main menu for accessing all of the administrator features of Reach. It is visible to all campaign Admins and Owners. To learn how to access this screen, check out this article. Inaccessible Features If a button on the dashboard is gray and disabled, that is because it is not currently … Read moreAbout the Admin Dashboard

Accessing the Admin Dashboard

If you are designated as a campaign admin or owner you will see an “Admin” gear button in your campaign picker for that campaign. Tap the button to get to the Admin Menu. You will only be able to access the admin areas on devices with large screens, so it is time to switch over … Read moreAccessing the Admin Dashboard