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Chat Screen

Want to connect and collaborate with other campaign volunteers in the same place that you canvass (and maybe talk a big game about being at the top of the Rankings)? You can do that in Reach!

Reach has a real-time group chat feature – each campaign has their own chat room which includes all Reach users for that campaign. Each user can even customize push notifications settings for each campaign and upload a profile picture to display in Chat (you can check out our My Account screen to customize both of these).

You can navigate to your campaign’s chat by tapping the “Chat” icon on the bottom right of the navigation bar in the Reach app. If you have unread messages, you’ll see a red dot over the speech bubbles in the chat icon. If you have unread mentions, you’ll see red circle with a white number in it to tell you how many unread mentions you have. If you’re in multiple campaigns, you can also see these unread indicators on the campaign switcher drop-down by tapping your campaign name in the top left corner of the screen.

What can you do in chat?

  • Send new messages, or edit or delete your message after saving if you make a typo! Just long tap on a message you’ve sent to select either the “Edit Message” or “Delete Message” options.
  • Tag other users in chat by using “@Name”.
  • Send pictures or files.
  • React to posts using emojis. Just long tap on a message, and select “Add Reaction”.
  • Send gifs by typing “/giphy” followed by some text describing the gif you’d like to insert. Then you can tap “Shuffle” to keep seeing more options until you find the perfect thing for the occasion and you tap “Send” to add it to the channel or thread.
  • See when other users are typing.

A Note about community guidelines in Chat

Remember, any messages you send in chat need to follow Reach’s Terms of Use, as well as any community guidelines your campaign has established – keep it friendly and clean! Reach Admins and Owners do have the ability to act as chat moderators, and can delete any user’s message in chat by tapping on that message and selecting the “Delete Message” option.

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