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User Drawer

From any main screen in Reach, you can tap your profile pic in the top right to open the User Drawer. On web, this will look like a drop-down menu instead. From this drawer or menu, you can find a bunch of helpful resources and links.

You can invite new users to your current campaign, leave your current campaign, access help and legal resources from Reach, and Log Out of the app.

Editing your User Profile

Tap your name at the top of the screen to take you into your User Profile Edit screen. You can change your first and last name, email address, zip code, language preference, and even upload a profile picture (or take a new one) to use on the Rankings page and in Chat! Remember, any pictures you upload should adhere to Reach’s Terms of Use and any community guidelines from your campaign – keep it PG y’all!

Nicknames and alter-egos are cool, but we do recommend keeping an accurate User Profile. This way, you can receive the credit you deserve for all of the outreach you’ve accomplished with Reach!

Deleting your account

If you’re done using Reach and you’re ready to say goodbye forever, we’re sad to see you go, but you can delete your account at any time. Simply head to the User Profile Editing screen as mentioned above and scroll all the way to the bottom where you’ll find a red “Delete Account” button. Tap this and you’ll be removed from all campaigns, your account will be deleted, and your personal data will be removed from Reach’s database.

Keep in mind that if you had previously joined campaigns in Reach, those campaigns will likely still have a record of you and your work from the exports that already pulled from Reach.

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