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Getting Data into Reach

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The key to the Reach experience is searching and matching to an existing data set, often a voter file. There are two different options for filling your Reach campaign with data: using the integrated data from our partner Alloy, or bringing your own data which we’ll load for you.

Using Alloy Data in Reach

Alloy is a nonprofit building a data and technology infrastructure that is broadly accessible and affordable to the progressive ecosystem. Reach has partnered with Alloy to offer easy and free access to voter file data from most of the country. Alloy data is not your only option for Reach data and we’re happy to also offer a “Bring your own data” approach (more here) for those who have unique data needs, but for many campaigns and organizations, acquiring voter data to load into Reach can be a challenging, time-consuming, and expensive process and by working with Alloy we hope to provide those folks with an easier option.

BYOD (“Bring Your Own Data”)

We offer a “bring your own data” model where we will upload whatever data you provide us. That data will not be shared with other campaigns. It is up to you to make sure it is accurate and current and complete. We are happy to offer free data processing and upload at the launch of your campaign, and every two months after that. Any data updates before two months have elapsed since your last update will be billed at a rate equal to 1/3 of your monthly subscription fee.

Have questions about data? Hit us up at [email protected]

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