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Getting Data into Reach

The key to the Reach experience is searching and matching to an existing data set, often a voter file. The question of where that data comes from is an crucial question for each Reach client as there are multiple different options for filling your Reach campaign with data and different options may be the best choice in different situations.

Data Source Options

State Democratic Party Data

If you are running for office as a Democrat, and especially if you are using VoteBuilder from your State Democratic Party, in most states you can use the same data you’re seeing in VoteBuilder for no additional cost. This is the best option for most electoral campaigns.


Catalist is a nonprofit technology company building broadly accessible, radically affordable, high-quality data and technology for the progressive community. Existing Catalist customers can use Catalist data in Reach for a per-cycle per-state Catalist fee of $650. Reach customers who want to use Catalist data exclusively in Reach can pay a 15% surcharge on their Reach Subscription to access the data within the platform.


TargetSmart specializes in providing data-driven solutions that empower clients to understand, engage, and activate their key stakeholders. Their mission is to empower forward-thinking campaigns, companies, governments, labor unions, and non-profits to harness the full power of data, technology. Existing TargetSmart customers can use TargetSmart data in Reach for no additional cost. Reach customers who want to use TargetSmart data exclusively in Reach can pay a 15% surcharge on their Reach Subscription to access the data within the platform.

BYOD (“Bring Your Own Data”)

We offer a “bring your own data” model where we will upload whatever data you provide us. That data will not be shared with other campaigns. It is up to you to make sure it is accurate and current and complete. We are happy to offer free data processing and upload at the launch of your campaign, and every two months after that for a 25% surcharge on your Reach subscription.

Have questions about data? Hit us up at [email protected]

Other Considerations

If you already have access to data from one of the pre-loaded sources, you should use that same data source in Reach! It will be the most affordable option and work the best with the rest of your tools and data flows. If you are an electoral campaign running for office, we suggest using State Party data. If you are a non-profit, PAC, or other type of organization, we suggest basing your choice off of how you plan to use the data you collect in Reach and what other tools or systems you hope it will be compatible with.

A Note about California

Due to state law, any organization who wants access to the California voter file must complete the application process with the Secretary of State. This involves submitting a form along with an application fee of $100. More info on this can be found here. Regardless of which data source you choose for Reach, we will need to see proof of approval before we can grant access to the data.

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