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Using TargetSmart data in Reach

TargetSmart specializes in providing data-driven solutions that empower clients to understand, engage, and activate their key stakeholders. Their mission is to empower forward-thinking campaigns, companies, governments, labor unions, and non-profits to harness the full power of data, technology. Reach works with TargetSmart to make their data available to Reach customers.

What does it cost?

If you are an existing TargetSmart customer (or want to become one) you can get access to TargetSmart data in Reach for no additional cost. We will check in with TargetSmart and once they confirm you are a client in good standing, we’ll be able to turn on access to the data for your campaign.

If you are not a TargetSmart customer and plan to use TargetSmart data only in Reach, Reach can re-sell that data to you for a 15% surcharge on your Reach subscription. This will be included in your Reach invoices and paid to Reach.

What is included in TargetSmart data in Reach?

TargetSmart data includes all the core fields from their national voter file, as well as Vote History. TargetSmart data does not include phone numbers or contact information that will be visible in Reach unless you license them specifically from TargetSmart. This data will be updated periodically to keep it fresh for you. The primary unique ID for TargetSmart Data is their “Voterbase ID”.

The TargetSmart data you see in Reach should match up directly with TargetSmart data you see in other software based on it like SmartVAN and EveryAction.

Will TargetSmart data work with Reach’s VAN Integration?

Yes! If you are using an instance of VAN that is also based on TargetSmart data, then TargetSmart is the best source of data to use in Reach and you will be able to use the VAN integration based on Voterfile VAN ID. If you are using a VAN instance that is based on a different data source (like VoteBuilder which is based on State Party data or AV VAN which is based on Catalist data) you can set up the VAN Integration to be based on State File IDs instead. Since this is not the exact same data set, there may certainly be cases where a voter in TargetSmart data does not exist in VAN or vice-versa, but generally things should work ok.

What about Data Sharing? What data is sent back to TargetSmart?

No. When you use TargetSmart data, no data is sent back to TargetSmart automatically by Reach.

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