Released March 9, 2020

For Users

Nothing in this version

For Admins

  • Advanced Filtering. All tables in admin can now be filtered dynamically so you can see exactly what you’re looking for. [3mavwm]
  • User Details Drawer. When you click on a row in the admin Users table, you’ll now get a pop-out drawer that gives you much more information about the user including how they joined your campaign, any groups they’re in, which devices they’ve allowed push notifications on, and more. You can even click on the number of users they’ve invited and see that list of users. [3j5xap][4rf449]
  • We’ve re-arrange the items in the Admin sidebar and dashboard and cleaned up the icons to make it easier to find what you’re looking for. [4uc19h]
  • Rows in admin tables only have a hover styling if they are actually clickable. [4ubcxg]
  • Sometimes, if your first visit to admin was by directly visiting the admin URL, the page might not load properly. Now it will. [4wcn1d]
  • When scheduling a push notification, the “Schedule” button is now disabled unless you’ve selected a date. [4y8n2e]

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