Version 1.7.0

Released March 14, 2019

So many questions to ask! You want to learn more about the people you’re reaching, so we’ve got your back. For those campaigns where just marking supporters with a 1-5 is not enough, we now support custom questions on the person profile screen! We have also now added more options for you in other areas as well. Reach now gives you more ways more ways to add new users and more ways to view a person’s profile. Ready to spread your wings?

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Version 1.6.2

Released February 18, 2019 Nothing major to see here, but we’ve done some big work behind the scenes to prepare for future updates. You keep talking to folks and changing the world, and we’ll keep pushing updates to the app. Deal? Summary of Changes Improvements: Laid the groundworks for faster, more responsive updates in the … Read moreVersion 1.6.2

Version 1.6.1

Released February 18, 2019 If you were having trouble with v 1.6.0 on Android, you were not alone. That should be all cleared up now. Summary of Changes Improvements: Laid the groundworks for faster, more responsive updates in the future. Bug Fixes: Had some Android crashing happening Users on Trial Campaigns can now see the … Read moreVersion 1.6.1

Version 1.6.0

Released February 11, 2019

Welcome to February. Along with the Polar Vortex comes a Reach Feature Vortex! Ours is less frigid and more fun! When we think back a year ago today, we were out in the streets collecting signatures to get AOC on the ballot. Now we’re busting out features to help you canvass! Stay warm out there.

Summary of Changes

  • New Features:
    • New Voter Profile Save Behavior
    • Laid some behind-the-scenes groundwork for our next big release coming soon!
  • Improvements:
    • Cleaned up the interface a bit to keep things in tip top shape.
    • Easier tapping! We made the touch targets of our buttons bigger and easier to mash with clumsy human fingers.
  • Bug Fixes:
    • In Android, user profile changes were not saving properly. They will now!

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