Released March 26, 2020

Introducing: Reach Chat!

We face unprecedented organizing challenges in this time of social distancing, but we’re pleased to announce that you can now use Reach as a true digital organizing space with real-time group chat right in the app. Connect and collaborate with fellow activists and organizers by heading to the new Chat tab. Your team chat room includes every user on your Reach campaign and each campaign gets their own chat. You can even customize push notifications for each campaign. No need to guess who people are as you juggle WhatsApp groups or Slack channels or Discord servers when you can chat right where you’re organizing!

For Users

  • Reach Chat. Features include emoji reactions, @ mentions of other users, typing indicators, and even gif embeds (type “/giphy”).
  • Upload a custom profile pic to Reach so you’ll be looking your finest as you’re saving the world. The pic is featured in chat and on the new Rankings screen! Set yours now!
  • “My Account” screen when you tap the campaign name in the top left. This gives you an easy way to edit your user profile (including adding a profile pic) and browse all your active campaigns in the app. We’re also giving you more information about those campaigns than ever before. You’ll be able to see their logo, their State, Office, District, and election date, and visit their website right from the Campaign card. You’ll also be able to tap the “…” button to bring up more options letting you jump right to their donate link, email the organization directly for help, and invite new users.
  • Per-Campaign Push Notifications Preferences. You now have fine-tuned control of which sort of push notifications you’ll see from each campaign.
  • iPad Compatibility. Previously, you could use Reach in your iPad’s web browser, or you could use the phone version of the app on your iPad blown up all big like it was 2011. Now the real deal is here so tablet away!
  • Re-designed Rankings screen. You can now to pick from more timespan options (like This Week and This Month) and 6 different stats you may want to see Leaderboards for (like Users Added, People Added, and Relationships Added). Get that competitive spirit fired up!
  • It was possible to leave the Person Profile Screen by tapping on another nav button without saving your changes and Reach wouldn’t say anything. Now we’re going to remind you to save so no precious data is lost.
  • The Person Profile screen was refreshing itself too often, especially when switching back and forth between Reach and other apps. It should just chill now.
  • The Reach icon on the Info screen was wrong in the web app.

For Admins

  • Campaign Helpdesk Email. We have a new field on the Campaign Settings screen where you can specify a help desk email address. This will let users email your campaign directly from Reach with questions. This option, along with the donate URL and campaign website, are featured on the new My Account screen for your users.
  • Enable Chat’ Switch. You can turn the chat feature on or off for your campaign using the new switch on the Campaign Settings screen.
  • The” Campaign Details” screen has been renamed to “Campaign Settings. Same great screen with a tasty new name.
  • The Contact Actions Export now includes new columns for which a Contact Script Name and Contact Script ID.
  • We’re now checking to make sure the website URL and the donate URL are properly formatted. Don’t forget the “http://”.
  • We now show a loading animation when you’re first loading admin tables so you don’t think all your users have vanished.

About Reach

Reach is a progressive technology start-up building tools for political campaigns, labor unions, non-profits, and activists around the united states. Read more about us here.

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