Released October 1, 2020

What?! A whole new type of Action Card? Specifically designed for GOTV mobilization? You betcha. And it lets you message everyone in your Network super fast? Yup. And it keeps track of your progress and you can earn Action Points per contact? Oh yes.

Plus, more sorting options on the Network screen!

For Users

  • New “Share with network” Action Cards. It was always great to be able to tap into voters in your Network and then use contact scripts to message them. But sometimes, if your campaign needs you to message a lot of your contacts with the same script, that method was a bit slow and cumbersome. Well now your campaign can create a new type of action card that lets you quickly tap the button on the card to open a list of everyone in your Network with a Contact button next to their name. Tap that button and pick which method you want to use to contact them and we’ll pre-fill the proper script for you. As soon as you send the message, that contact’s button will turn green and you can move on right down the list. You can even sort and filter this list just like the normal Network screen.
  • More Network Screen Sort Options. You can now sort your network view by how recently each person was added to your network and how recently you’ve last contacted each person!
  • Reach is now way faster popping between the person profile screen and the list views of people. No more waiting for the person to load or having bits of the screen moving around under your finger as it fills in.
  • It was possible for people to keep working in an inactive campaign. That should be less possible now.
  • There was a spacing problem on the Add User screen so the Add button in the header was cut off. No more.

For Admins

  • Action Card Form Redesign and Card Preview. Creating and editing Action Cards should be more fun and efficient than ever before with a whole new flow for that admin screen. We now even include a live preview of the action card so you can see exactly how it will look to your users in the app. And don’t forget about the new “Share with Network” option for the Call to Action button!
  • Introducing our Tags API endpoints! These endpoints will let you make and manage tags via API, including adding and removing tags from people. Great for marking who is in your turnout universe or who has already sent in their absentee ballots. They are available for anyone on a Reach Movement subscription who has access to the API.
  • We’ve fixed a bug that was preventing you from deleting relationship types.

About Reach

Reach is a progressive technology start-up building tools for political campaigns, labor unions, non-profits, and activists around the united states. Read more about us here.

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