Released September 15, 2020

Action Cards are still improving! Can’t stop, won’t stop. Now your Action Cards can be worth points! What do these points get you? Well that’s up to your campaign. But you know you want ’em.

Plus, the Network screen has gotten way more powerful with quick filtering and type-to-filter.

For Users

  • Action Card Points. Look for the new marker on the Action Cards on your home screen to see if they’re worth points! When you check them off, those sweet sweet points are yours! We’ve also tweaked the design of pinned cards.
  • Action Points Leaderboard. Now that you can earn points, you also need a way to track them. Check out the new Action Cards leaderboard on the Rankings screen to compete for the most points.
  • Network Screen Filtering. Ever had that thing happen where you’ve got so many people in your Reach Network that it’s hard to keep track of them all? We know the feeling. Luckily, you can now filter your Network screen by relationship type, tag, or even typing the name you’re looking for!
  • Contact Import improvements. It is now much faster and smoother to leave contact import mid-way through and pick up later where you left off. Reach will remember your work and make it snappy to resume. There’s also now a close button on the Contact Import match list screen to help you leave and come back later.
  • If you’re offline and you un-check an Action Card, it will appear properly sorted by date back in your Action Feed.
  • Toggle Switch accessibility styling is easier to see.
  • On desktop, Home screen tabs will huge the middle and look better rather than spreading way out on that big screen of yours.
  • If Contact Import search times out (and we sure hope it doesn’t), Reach will give you more information and a smoother experience.
  • Filter settings from the Search Refine screen and the Network screen are now better remembered between many campaigns.
  • A little bit of ugly had crept into the otherwise gorgeous action card animation from feed view to details view. That’s gone.
  • It was possible to save changes to your user profile with no name or nor email address. That should not be possible.
  • On Mobile Safari, Action Cards were missing their shadows, like Peter Pan. No more.
  • No more horizontal scroll bar on home screen on the desktop web app.

For Admins

  • Action Card Points. When creating and editing Task type action cards, you can now choose how many points they’re worth.
  • Contact Actions Syncing to VAN! The My Voters and My Campaign integration each now include five new integration features which will sync a contact history entry to VAN every time a Reach user triggers a contact action. You can even specify different Contact Types in the integration settings!
  • When creating or editing contact scripts, it is now much easier to use template tags. They are easier to select, and even have a little ‘Copy’ button to help you grab them. You will also not be able to save a script if there is a mis-typed template tag in it.
  • Tool Tips on hover are more compact and easier to read.

About Reach

Reach is a progressive technology start-up building tools for political campaigns, labor unions, non-profits, and activists around the united states. Read more about us here.

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