Released June 21, 2019

Get pumped up, Reachers, because this is a major update that includes one of our most requested features: adding people! Have you ever been canvassing when you meet someone who you can’t find in Reach? Maybe they’re not a registered voter, but you still want to capture their contact information and survey responses, and indicate how they relate to your campaign, right? Well now you can. Read on for more information about this and a bunch of other new features.

For Users

  • Add People – Notice something new about the search results screen? If the person you’re looking for in Reach doesn’t already exist in your search results, you can add them using the new ‘+’ button. You’ll arrive at a new “Add Someone New” screen where you can enter all the information you have about a new person including auto-completed smart address fields, and record their responses to all your campaign’s survey questions.
  • Tag People – Not only can you add people, but you can also tag them! Your campaign will configure tags that you can apply to any person who already exists in the data set plus anyone you add. This is a great way to mark people who need to register to vote, people who want to volunteer, or anything else that will help with your campaign.
  • Redesigned signup and login experience – Last month, we made signup and login better. This month, we made it even better-er! Auth codes are easier to enter, the Terms of Use are right there in black and white, and the buttons have a fresh coat of paint.
  • Design Improvements – Re-vamped look for pop-op dialog boxes throughout the app.
  • Fixed a bunch of small bugs that affected the links on settings tab, the buttons under the primary question, the column headers on the rankings screen, and more.

For Admins

  • People Export – You’ll now find a new export format in Reach called “People”. Which will give you a CSV with all the people you have reached, including their key details, contact information, tags, and all their survey responses. You can generate this export for imported people, added people, or both!

About Reach

Reach is a progressive technology start-up building tools for political campaigns, labor unions, non-profits, and activists around the united states. Read more about us here.

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