Released February 18, 2021

Lots of bug fixes and performance improvements and groundwork laid for future wows!

For Users

  • It is now possible to sort your Network by “Last Contacted Date” in both directions.
  • We’ve improved the way we ask for Image permissions on iOS 14 so we don’t ask for more access than we need to your photos.
  • Action Card Titles are a bit bigger and bolder to help them stand out.
  • We’ve renamed a few things so “Adding Users” is now referred to as “Inviting Users” to minimize confusions around Adding People and Adding Relationships.
  • Using Reach on your iPad in Landscape orientation was not working.
  • During Contact Import, the “Select” button was missing rare cases.
  • On the Action Card details view, the date was not properly centered.
  • Trying to use a Network Contact action to email a person was leading to a crash if the contact script didn’t include a subject line,
  • Offline Universe blocks on Campaign Cards were accidentally showing the whole description which was taking up too much space.

For Admins

  • When using pop-ups and drop-downs in Admin the contents of the screen will not shift as the scrollbar hides/shows.
  • Date-pickers in Admin should now work more reliably, be more consistent, and look more handsome!
  • We’ve removed the double scrollbar on Survey Questions admin.
  • We fixed some padding in the Tag Drawer which was looking messy.
  • We fixed the behavior of the new “Preferences” section at the top of the Network admin screen when the drawer is open.
  • Fixed a rare crash around using Escape to close the Template Tag picker.

About Reach

Reach is a progressive technology start-up building tools for political campaigns, labor unions, non-profits, and activists around the united states. Read more about us here.

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