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Released December 14, 2021 in the App Store and Play Store

This update brings major improvements to many aspects of Reach for both users and admins including a beautifully redesigned, faster, easier-to-use Person screen and a brand new approach to Contact Information which is more flexible, useful, and secure.

For Users

  • We have completely redesigned the Person screen. This is the screen you see when interacting with a voter/member/person in the app. The new tabbed design is faster and easier to use, with tons of new features and improved flows now available. There is also a new view for this screen when using Reach in the browser or on tablets. Some features of the new screen include:
    • A new Contact Info tab letting you take advantage of all the new features mentioned in the next section.
    • Separate tabs for Survey Questions and Linked Campaign Survey Questions.
    • New colored-background in the header indicates the person’s response to your Primary Question
    • New Location tab gives you an easy view of the current person’s address, edit it if needed, and browse a list of other people at that address right there on the same screen.
    • New Voting History tab gives you a glanceable view of how this person has voted in the past, when available.
    • It’s easier than ever to add and remove tags from a person.
    • You can add someone to your Network right from the header, faster than before.
  • The way Contact Information is stored in Reach is all new. Some of the new features include:
    • Store and see multiple phone numbers and email addresses on a person
    • Choose whether or not you want to share the contact info you add to Reach with your campaigns
    • Distinguish between contact info provided by your campaign, versus items you’ve added
    • Mark campaign-provided contact information as wrong, give it a thumbs up, or opt it out of hearing from the campaign,
    • Choose which phone number or email address to use every time you contact a person
    • Choose and apply custom labels to each piece of contact information
  • You can add more than one piece of contact information when creating a Reach Add
  • You can choose contact information privacy settings when importing your contacts.
  • You can now more reliably use the keyboard when interacting with pop-ups by typing Enter or Escape to take action.
  • Our pop-ups and dialog boxes are now more accessible to those using screen readers and keyboard-driven interactions.
  • Speed improvements throughout the app
  • Many bug fixes and stability improvements when using Offline Data Sets
  • The notification toggle for chat notification on the web app wasn’t working.
  • The notifications and indicator dots for unread chat messages are more reliable.
  • Various other bug fixes throughout the app.

For Admins

  • When creating an Action Card, Reach can now automatically send a push notification to your users to promote it and direct them to it.
  • Action Cards can now be targeted so they are only visible to specific users or groups of users.
  • When generating exports, Reach can now email you to let you know a long-running export is done and include a link to let you download it directly from the email.
  • It is now possible to remove your Primary Question entirely.
  • It is now possible to have multiple question sets active at the same time.
  • Relationship Types are no longer editable per campaign, so the Network Admin Screen has been removed.
  • The link to edit your user profile from the admin header was broken. It has been removed and replaced with a quick link to exist Admin.
  • Long strings like URLs in the content of an Action Card could break the layout of the admin screen.
  • In some cases, you could not properly select tags when setting up a People export.

About Reach

Reach is a progressive technology start-up building tools for political campaigns, labor unions, non-profits, and activists around the united states. Read more about us here.

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