Released September 22, 2022 over the air

For Users


  • DMs and Group DMs in Chat! You can now start direct messages to one or several other folks on your campaign. For group DMs, you can set a name and image for the chat.
  • Customize the Scripts on Network Contact Action Cards! When looking at the details view of a Network Contact Action Card, you’ll now see a “Customize” button next to the script so you can make tweaks to the message to put it in your own voice, and save those changes. Then, when you’re sending the message to your friends, we’ll use your customized version!
  • User Group Directory lets you browse all public user groups in your Campaign. You can see how many members are in each group, join groups you’re not in, and leave groups you are in. You can find the User Group directory on the Campaign Action menu (tap the gear on the campaign drawer) or in the User Drawer (tap your user profile pic in the top right).
  • Voter Reg Reminder Push Notification counts were sometimes one day off.
  • You can no longer create contact info with no label and if you somehow do, it won’t crash the app.

For Admins

  • You can now choose a Default User Role so all new users on your campaign can automatically be Verified Users. Adjust this in Campaign Settings.
  • User Group Privacy, and Images. Now you can set an image for each user group and decide whether each group should be Public or Private. Public groups will appear in the user-facing User Group Directory.
  • You can now make Internal Link action cards that directly open Contact Import (without the user needing to go to My Reach and find the Import button) or the new User Group Directory.
  • When canceling from a Create or Edit form, you’ll no longer get a browser alert asking if you’re sure. Cancel away!
  • There were issues adding and removing user from user groups with more than 25 members.
  • Right after adding a new user to your campaign, if you clicked on them in Users Admin, you could get a crash.
  • For some campaigns, certain fields were missing from the Smart Tag Criteria picker. They should now be back!

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