Released May 25, 2023, over the air.

Reach has improved screen flows in the app and added functionality in admin to customize the user experience.

For Users


  • We have removed the option to add someone to your Network from the expanded Person Screen preview within Contact Import. This was making for a confusing experience where you were being asked to import a contact you had already added to your Network. Now, if you want to add someone to your Network, close the preview screen and import them like every other contact.
  • Some links within text blocks had been positioned incorrectly on some Android devices. Now all links behave more consistently on Android and Web and look better. On iOS, the links will more consistently change color when you tap on them.
  • If the keyboard is up when a user opens the user drawer or campaign drawer, it will close.
  • In some cases, when you closed the User Profile Editing screen while editing an address, Reach would crash. This is fixed! Edit your address to your heart’s content.

For Admins

  • Tag Prioritization and Ordering! Campaigns can now add a numbered priority to control the order that tags appear for their users throughout the app. Tags without a priority set will be sorted by type and then alphabetically.
  • Campaigns can set default metrics/timespans for rankings. These defaults will be used the first time a new user on your campaign visits the Rankings screen. Once a user has customized their settings, Reach will remember those settings for that user. If you want to make sure a user gets to the Rankings Screen with specific settings, try an Internal Link Action Card.


  • Maintain State better across Admin Screens Everything you toggle, adjust, filter, sort, and change in Admin screens is maintained per campaign as long as you’re using the same web browser.


  • Generating Exports from the Admin Exports screen was resulting in a “Something went wrong” message in Firefox. 
  • In Admin, refreshing on the users screen no longer causes a crash screen in certain cases.
  • The toggle to show and hide live chat under the Help menu is now more consistent and reliable. We can’t wait to talk to you!

About Reach

Reach is a progressive technology start-up building tools for political campaigns, labor unions, non-profits, and activists around the united states. Read more about us here.

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