Released April 6, 2023, over the air.

Remember all that work you put into building your Reach Network on your last campaign? Well, now you don’t need to start from scratch again on your next campaign. In addition to importing relationships from your phone contacts or Google contacts, you can now import relationships directly from other Reach campaigns as well. Keep in mind that this option will only work between campaigns which share the same underlying voter file or data source.

For Users


  • Import Relationships. You can now import relationships into your Network from other campaigns you are a member of.
  • The screen you see when your Network is empty is now much more helpful and descriptive.
  • When using a Network Contact Action Card, you will now have an option for Marking someone as Contacted outside of Reach.


  • When you have un-saved survey responses, you will now be unable to switch away from the Survey Questions screen.
  • The titles of the various contact import screens are now distinct so it’s easier to understand which step of the process you’re on.
  • When your search returns no results, if you have Search filters in place, we’ll remind you of that and give you an easy button to clear the filters and retry your search.
  • We’ve added some headers to the Campaign Directory screen to make it a bit more clear.
  • We have changed the Close button on Filter modals to a Done button to make it more clear that you won’t lose your selection when you tap it.
  • We’ve added some more specific language to the Guide Box at the top of the Nickname editing screen to help encourage users who are correcting deadnames to do so by editing the voter’s name, not adding a nickname.
  • There was some bad text wrapping in the header of the My Reach/Voter Registration/Filters screen on some devices.

For Admins

  • When creating an Internal Link Action Card to the Rankings screen, you can now specify the timespan and metric you’d like selected when the user gets there.
  • The icons were missing for cancelled exports in your export history.
  • There were some formatting bugs in Invite User Settings.

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