Become a Reach Reseller

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  • As a reseller, you will receive discounted campaigns which you may then resell to external entities priced as you see fit. These entities may be your clients, partners, affiliates, or any other progressive group, campaign, or organization who aligns with Reach’s client guidelines. 
  • You may resell Reach campaigns on a non-exclusive basis.
  • Reseller personnel shall have “Owner” access to all campaigns built for the Reseller.
  • Resellers can only resell Complete and Movement subscriptions in Reach.
  • Resellers shall be responsible for providing onboarding and training to all their campaigns.
  • Resellers will be the initial support point of contact to their campaigns with the escalation option to Reach support when necessary.

Download PDF Overview

This PDF will give you a downloadable version of everything you need to know about the Reach Reseller Program offerings.

Why Reach?

We believe that our platform can help campaigns at every level meet their organizing goals, and we want to share that with as many people as possible. By reselling Reach, you help the organizations and campaigns you work with organize more effectively than ever before. Plus, Reach has a number of features designed to make large-scale roll-outs like this work seamlessly. 

Pick your Plan

Reseller Standard

Spread the Reach love to your clients, affiliates, partners, chapters, or down-ballot races.


one-time setup fee

Reseller Plus

Enhanced support, advanced data flows, and premium features.


one-time setup fee


per month

*Active Campaign Benchmarks: For any period in which you have more than ten campaigns active, the discount shall increase to 15%. For any period in which you have more than twenty campaigns active, the discount shall increase to 20%.

**Reseller BigQuery Mirrors: BigQuery Mirrors are available upon request for Reseller Plus and Reseller Standard with a Sandbox campaign and/or Movement clients. A BigQuery mirror populating from one dataset (TargetSmart, Catalist or DNC VAN) and displaying data for all eligible clients is included in the one-time setup fee. Additional BigQuery mirrors can be created for a one-time setup fee of $300 each.

Sandbox Campaigns

Additional Sandbox campaigns are available for all Resellers for a cost of $100/month billed month-to-month. There are a number of ways to utilize a sandbox campaign in Reach to optimize your work while decreasing your administrative time. Below are a few examples.

  • A Template Campaign with initial set-up of Action Cards and Survey Questions to copy into all new campaigns.
  • A Library Campaign to reference Action Cards and Survey Questions for a custom Default Content Library including every program phase.
  • A dedicated campaign prefilled with a sample voter file set for client demos, training and/or data testing. 


Billing is month-by-month and your price each month will be determined by your agreement level and active licenses and billed at the beginning of each billing cycle. Payment is on Net 10 terms and may be paid via Credit Card, Debit Card, ACH pull, or ACH push. Changes mid-month like added or removed sub-campaigns will be prorated and reflected on your next invoice. 

Sign Up Now

If you’re ready to get started, email [email protected] to let us know what level is the best fit for you and we will send you an agreement. Once your reseller agreement is live, you can request campaigns via email.