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Campaigns can get the data from Reach into their Voter CRM/Database in several ways:

  1. Manual Exports: Any campaign admin can manually pull CSV exports from Reach using the Reach Admin interface and then bulk upload these CSVs into VAN. The CSVs are formatted for easy upload into VAN or other CRMs and it’s a pretty smooth process. This is the most common approach among out campaigns right now.
  2. Automated Scheduled Exports: We set up scheduled automated exports from Reach which land in a Google Cloud Storage Bucket which can be accessed programmatically by engineers at an organization. The org’s data/tech team would then write some code to grab these exports and process them and merge them into VAN or Civis or Red Shift or any other database platforms the organization is using.
  3. Webhooks: We set up real-time webhooks from Reach to an external service. This allows an organization’s tech team to get data out of Reach in real time, as responses are saved. Then, that organization’s tech team can process them however they see fit. 
  4. API-Based Real-Time Integrations: Coming soon!

Please note that Options 2 and 3 are currently only available to our Reach Movement subscribers and are especially well-suited to our larger organizations with their own tech teams.

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