Released June 16, 2020

Some handy improvements to the Contact Import workflow and some other small bug fixes.

For Users

  • We’ve made contact import faster to use! You can now skip contacts who don’t seem like a good fit and they’ll move over to the new “Skipped” tab and we’ve simplified what used to be two button at the bottom into one. Crank those contacts out!
  • We’ve added a much more in-depth tutorial the first time you launch contact import. It walks you through the steps and shows you some cute animations. Everyone loves animations!
  • Switching between campaigns, logging out, and leaving a campaign should all be more reliable now.
  • Some phone numbers y’all had in your phone contacts were making Reach all confused and crashy. It should now be more accepting of odd phone numbers.
  • It was possible to accidentally save changes to someone’s name with prefixes and suffixes of “None”. Weird name, right?

For Admins

Nothing in this version.

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