Released July 30, 2019

This release includes a few nice noticeable changes and several small bug fixes and improvements that make Reach easier and more fun to use!

For Users

  • Multiple choice and single choice questions look a little bit different now. You can see the color of each responses option before you select it. Should make the Reach experience quicker and more colorful!
  • The Terms of Use and Privacy Policy load more quickly from the settings screen.
  • Better keyboard accessibility for the tag picker, type to filter fields, search inputs, and toggle switches.
  • Organizations who have custom Reach themes will now see those themes in all their glory on the normal web app.
  • Fixed a bug rare bug where the search results screen would crash the app.
  • We now allow new users to create accounts with a wider range of characters in their email address.

For Admins

Nothing in this version

About Reach

Reach is a progressive technology start-up building tools for political campaigns, labor unions, non-profits, and activists around the united states. Read more about us here.

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