Released August 5, 2019

This release ties up some loose ends from previous releases and is focused predominantly on the experience surrounding invite codes for our users and admins.

For Users

  • When you join a campaign by invite code, the confirmation message you see will be smarter and more helpful. And we’ll redirect you straight to the search screen for that new campaign.
  • Some users with short desktop browser windows were not seeing some elements of the authentication UI.
  • Trying to view the profile of a person from a different campaign would crash the app. Now it is being handled properly.

For Admins

  • We are now keeping track of how your users join your campaign. We’ll know if they joined via invite code (and which one!) or if they were added directly by another user (and which one!). This information will be available soon in a revamped user export and available later on from the admin Users Screen.
  • Admins can now specify how many uses an invite code will allow when they create it!
  • We improved some of the styling and UI of the Survey Questions admin screen.
  • Exiting Admin mode now redirects you to the search screen for a more fluid experience.
  • On the Admin Users screen where the “Date Joined” and “People Reached” columns were not always showing accurate information. Now they are!

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