Released April 22, 2022 in the App Store and Play Store

Fasten your seatbelts, because we’re about to fly into the future – distributed Voter Registration is now available directly in Reach! Registering voters is a core part of many organizing programs, whether it’s nonpartisan outreach or a progressive electoral campaign. We’re bringing you a fully integrated voter registration experience in which registering voters is now a seamless part of your in-person canvassing or relational organizing work.

Whenever an organizer creates a Reach Add in a Reach campaign that has voter registration enabled, they’ll see a brand new option to register that person to vote. Depending on the US State the voter is in, the organizer will see different registration options that are legally available in their state. Reach will then guide users through a “Choose Your Own Adventure” style step-by-step registration pipeline. Organizers can also go back to previously created Reach Adds and start those voter registrations too! When Reach gets the latest voter file update from your data source, we’ll automatically reconcile all submitted registrations against the voter file and let you know who’s registered so you can bring those newly registered voters into your GOTV plan.

In addition to this game-changing upgrade, we’ve also brought in a few other changes to the Campaign Directory, plus various improvements and bug fixes.

For Users

  • Register voters directly in Reach! Whenever you’re creating a Reach Add, if your campaign has enabled voter registration, you can start registering that person to vote. This comes with two new screens to track your progress:
    • On the Person Profile screen for Reach Adds, there’s a new tab for Voter Registration where you can start registering someone to vote, as well as track that person through the registration process by completing steps and sending reminders.
    • In My Reach, there’s a new Voter Registration tab where you can see every single person you’re registering to vote, along with detailed information on the status of that registration, the registration type you’re using (like paper forms versus an online form), plus options to send reminders to voters who need to complete part of their registration.
  • On the Campaign Directory landing pages, you can now easily see which other campaigns are in the same organization or linked to the campaign you’re viewing.
  • We’ve added a confirmation modal when you remove someone from your network to make it more difficult to do this by accident.
  • On Android, the status bar text was sometimes he wrong color. Status bar spacing should be more consistent on Android

For Admins

  • You can now enable Voter Registration in your Reach campaign! Just email [email protected] to request turning on this brand new feature.
  • The new VR feature means you’re getting two new exports to track all this progress:
    • Pipeline Instances: This export includes one row for each of your users’ voter registration pipeline instances. Each time they begin the registration of a new voter, that is considered an “instance” of a pre-defined “pipeline”. The pipelines themselves are maintained by Reach but the instances are created and updated by your users as they use the app. Instances give you a good overview of your voter registration work as a snapshot in time. For more detailed reporting, you’ll want to combine this export with the Pipeline Transitions export as well.
    • Pipeline Transitions: This export will give you a detailed look at the granular user activity on your voter registration pipelines. A pipeline “transition” is the user action that moved a pipeline from one state to the next. If a user indicates in Reach that they handed someone a voter registration, collected that form, and then submitted it at the county office, that was three separate pipeline transitions. This export lets you see all of them.
  • On the user groups list, it is now more clear which groups were created via our API.
  • Date inputs on smart tag criteria builder have been improved.
  • We’ve made a more explicit “Warning” message about setting per-User Group question set visibility rules.
  • Making edits in admin more reliably updates the Updated On timestamp of various objects.

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