Released April 19, 2023, over the air.

This one makes a few small improvements for users but Admins really get the juice. Our new Admin Dashboard redesign will make it much easier to see your campaign’s progress at a glance!

For Users


  • We had added section dividers on the various Filter screens throughout the app to make it easier to use those screens.
  • We have re-labeled the Filter and Refine buttons to “Filters & Prefs” to make it a bit more clear that they allow access to more than just Filters.
  • On web, giphy embeds in chat were sometimes missing their shuffle/send buttons.
  • Tapping on an @ mentioned name in chat no longer seems misleadingly interactive on iOS.

For Admins

  • Charts and Graphs! The Admin Dashboard has been redesigned to include a new top section showing you some lovely data visualizations of the work happening in your campaign. You can even adjust the timespan and filter some of the graphs to make them useful to you!
  • In Campaign Keys Admin, it is now easier to see everything at the bottom of the side bar when you scroll down on small windows.

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