Released August 31, 2023, over the air.

Over the past few months, we have partnered closely with the DNC to dig into what sort of features could be added to Reach to have the biggest impact for campaigns and volunteers across the country as they try to protect and strengthen our democracy this cycle and beyond.

The DNC’s organizing theory is simple: supporters are the best advocates to the closest people in their lives. Organizing people you know to take action together is the core of organizing across decades, from the Civil Rights movement to the United Farm Workers to March for Our Lives. Every single member of our campaigns have a role in ensuring the people closest to us know what’s at stake for our families and for our country in this election. That means having conversations directly with our friends and families, and sharing key campaign messaging and content within our communities in person and online.

Through this partnership, we have designed an extensive new feature set for Reach centering on enabling users to share campaign-provided content on social media and other platforms more powerfully than ever before. These features will be introduced in phases over the coming months, and today we’re launching phase one. For now, admins will notice the biggest changes and users will notice a new type of action card as those are introduced by their campaign. Read on for details and keep your eyes peeled for more related features coming over the next few months.

For Users


  • Content Share Action Cards let you share images, videos, and links to other platforms using other apps on your phone!
  • During Voter Registration, the contact script picker was opening instead of providing the standard Voter Reg script for messages and emails. This has been fixed.

For Admins

  • We have now introduced a whole new section of the admin interface for our upcoming Content Sharing features. The new “Content Library” section in your sidebar includes the following screens:
    • Assets
    • Galleries
    • Labels
    • Feedback
  • The old “Social Share” Action Card type has been retired and replaced by the new “Content Share” Action Card Type. Use the Assets screen to make Link, Image, or Video assets, then use the Action Cards screen to make a Content Sharing Action Card which uses the asset.

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Reach is a progressive technology start-up building tools for political campaigns, labor unions, non-profits, and activists around the united states. Read more about us here.

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