Released September 6, 2023, over the air.

Bug fixes

For Users

  • In some cases, user avatars were broken when viewing previous reactions in a message in Chat.
  • User avatars for message reactions in Chat were showing the avatar of the user who sent the message, not the avatar of the user who added the reaction.
  • Custom fields were not properly getting inserted into template tags via Network Contact Action Cards
  • Reach was crashing when users tried to upload a file to share in chat.
  • The edit address screen had a number of bugs surrounding auto-complete and validation. Those have been fixed.

For Admins

  • We have changed the naming of “Share Content” cards to “Content Share” cards for consistency.
  • We have removed the yellow banner asking you to email us for access to the content sharing features since everyone already has access to the features we have rolled out so far!

About Reach

Reach is a progressive technology start-up building tools for political campaigns, labor unions, non-profits, and activists around the united states. Read more about us here.

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