Released March 25, 2024 over the air

For Users


  • Support for users abroad! Just because you’re not currently living in the US, and maybe you don’t have a US phone number, doesn’t mean you don’t want to help save American democracy and power progressive victories! Now, users can sign up for Reach using international phone numbers and specify their country on their profile. You can also invite users to your campaign even if they have phone numbers with different dial codes.
  • User-Generated Content! Want to help your campaign fill up their Reach Content Library? If you are given permission by your campaign, you will now see a new “My Uploads” section of the library where you can upload your own images! You will give them a name and description and choose their labels. Then admins on your campaign will review them and pick ones to approve so everyone can see your amazing content!
  • Content Upload Action Cards. Now that you can upload content, why not do it via an Action Card? This is a quick way to give your campaign the content they’re asking for.


  • Address forms are now better at handling Puerto Rican zip codes.

For Admins


  • User Assets Screen. Use this new screen to review all the assets your users upload. You can click into each one, add a Suggested Post, assign it to a gallery, and approve it. If you don’t think the asset is a good fit for your campaign, you can easily reject it.
  • Support for International Users. You can now view and filter by country on the Users Admin Screen. You can also see international dial codes in phone numbers throughout the Users and Pending Invites screens.
  • Configure settings for User Generated Content. Which user roles can upload content? Which gallery should be the default destination for approved user generated content? Do you want to display a legal disclaimer for users who will be uploading content? Set it all up in the new “Content Library” feature block on the campaign settings screen and at the top of the Galleries screen.
  • Create Content Upload Action Cards. Specify labels. Force square crop.


  • Phone numbers which have been verified will now have a green check next to them on the Users screen just like email addresses.

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Reach is a progressive technology start-up building tools for political campaigns, labor unions, non-profits, and activists around the united states. Read more about us here.

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