Released July 9, 2024 over the air

Reach has always been great at helping your users canvass the people they meet by saving survey responses. But what about when you want to collect survey response data from those users themselves? Our new User Survey Action Cards allow you to do just that!

For Users


  • User Survey Action Cards. Tap into this new type of Action Card to directly open a set of Survey Questions. Respond to those questions as often as you like and earn Action Points each time you save a set of responses. Let your campaign know what you think!

For Admins


  • Create and manage User Survey Action Cards. You can choose from any Question Set you’ve made and ask the users those questions. This may or may not be an active question set which the users are also asking voters.
  • New “User Responses” export allows you to download data from the new User Survey Action Cards.
  • You can now see a User’s ID from the user drawer. How handy!

About Reach

Reach is a progressive technology start-up building tools for political campaigns, labor unions, non-profits, and activists around the united states. Read more about us here.

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