Reach Progress PBC Statement on DCCC “Blacklist” Policy

On March 22, 2019, the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee announced a new vendor and consultant policy that has come to be known as their “blacklist” policy. Reach Progress PBC has released the following statement with regards to this policy:

Based on our reading and re-reading of the DCCC’s confusing new Standards for DCCC Political Vendors form, it is our understanding that the controversial new policy applies only to consultants. As a technology vendor, we do not believe it impacts Reach directly.

More broadly, however, Reach, like the movement it is built to serve, does not play by the rulebook of establishment gatekeepers. We believe that strong primary challengers have been, and will continue to be, a positive and crucially energizing force within the Democratic party. We work directly with progressive campaigns, consultants, and candidates, including primary challengers and incumbents, with or without the permission the DCCC.

Reach Progress PBC is also a proud member of the response at and stands in solidarity with and in support of any firms or individuals affected by this antidemocratic policy.

Read more about our criteria for who Reach works with here.

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