Using Reach for Street Canvassing

Street Canvass Success Getting people to stop and talk to you on the street for long enough to get real data can sometimes be a challenge. Especially in NYC, where we’re located, people tend to

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Reaching Voters in Cold Weather

Cold Weather Canvassing It’s that time of year again! Worried about the inevitable winter campaign slowdown? Or maybe you’re running for office in San Diego, in which case, we’re just jealous. For everyone else that’s

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Relational Organizing with Reach

RVT Overview Relational Organizing, or specifically Relational Voter Turnout (or “RVT”) is the idea that when someone you know asks you to do something or tells you information, you’re more likely to do it, believe

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Vote Tripling with Reach

Reach is expanding the way and places that progressive canvassers talk with voters. Vote tripling multiplies the impact of those conversations. Now, wherever you meet voters, you can ask them not only to vote for

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Reach users at an event

Five Great Ways to Use Reach

While every campaign uses Reach differently, the heart of Reach’s utility is simple: it enables you to search within a contact file and instantly record the data and feedback people offer, wherever and whenever you

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Happy Reachers

Ten Reach Engagement Tactics

So you’ve got Reach up and running on your campaign, and you’re ready to roll it out! Now what? No organizing tool is a silver bullet that will win your campaign for you while you

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