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Contact Scripts

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This is where you’ll create and manage scripts that your Users will use when they’re messaging or emailing people using Contact Actions in the app. You can create multiple scripts to have active at a time, which your users can pick from after choosing a contact action (see our Contact Actions knowledge base article to learn more about how users will see Contact Scripts in app).

Tutorial Video

Admin Screen

On the admin screen, there are two tabs for Email and Messaging scripts. They display the script Label, Created By, Created Date, Subject Line (email only), Script, and Status. You can also search for a specific script, or filter by whether a script is active or inactive.

Adding a new Contact Script

To add a new script, tap the Add Script button in the upper right hand corner of the screen. You can add the following information:

  • Label: Script name displayed in the app
  • Type: Messaging or Email
  • Status: Active or Inactive
  • Subject: email only
  • Script: Message content

Tips and Tricks

Personalize a script by using templating in the subject line (for email only) or body text of a message! You can use {{person.first_name}}, {{person.last_name}}, {{user.first_name}}, and {{user.last_name}}.

Editing an existing Contact Script

Just tap on an existing contact script to bring up the Contact Script editor on the right. You can edit the Label, Subject (email only) Script, and Status, as well as view the API ID for that Contact Script.

Reach Basics campaigns are limited to three Contact Scripts. Reach Complete and Reach Movement can have unlimited scripts.

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