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Action Cards

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This is where you’ll create and manage all of the Action Cards your users will see on their Home Screen in the Reach User app.

Managing your Action Cards

In the main Admin screen, you can see all of the basic details of your existing Action Cards, including the Icon, Title, Link Type, Created By, Publish Date, whether it’s Pinned, and the Status in the app (whether it’s Active or Inactive). You can search for a specific action card at the top, or add a filter to view only certain Action Cards. You can filter by Status, whether it’s Pinned, Link Type, Created By, or date published.

Creating an Action Card

To create a new Action Card, you can click the “Add Card” button at the top right corner of your screen. You can customize the following fields in your Action Card:

  • Title: Put your main ask here, like “Sign up to phone bank for Dany!” or “Digital door knock five new voters!”.
  • Status: Set whether you’d like the Action Card to be Active in the app when you publish it, or Inactive (you can always set it to Active later).
  • Pin and Priority (Optional): You can pin a message to the top of the screen so it’s always the first Action Card your users see. If you want to pin multiple cards to the top, you can use the Priority option to put your Action Cards in a specific order. For any pinned cards, your users will see a little “Pinned” icon on the action card in the app. Pin and Priority are both optional, so if you leave things as is, then your Action Cards will be ordered based on when they were created, with the newest at the top.
  • Expiration Date (Optional): If your Action Card is for something at a specific date or time, like an upcoming event, you can set an expiration date and time for your Action Card to automatically remove it from the Home Screen once it expires. You’ll still be able to see expired cards in your Admin screen.
  • Content: This is where you’ll want to put the details of your ask. If it’s too long to fit on a mobile screen, don’t worry – your users can tap the card to view a full-screen Action Card and scroll through all of your content.
  • Icon: This will display on the left hand side of an Action Card. You can choose a social media icon, a picture of a phone for phonebanking – the options are endless!
  • Banner Image: You can add a banner image that will display across the top of an Action Card – pick any picture you’d like!
  • Link Type: You can choose to link an Action Card to somewhere internal in Reach, or any external web link, or not link it at all if you prefer. Within the Reach app, you can link to Search, My History, My Network, Rankings, Chat, or My Account.
  • Call to Action Button Label: Once you’ve selected a link type (Internal or External) you’ll see this field appear where you can customize the call to action that appears in the blue button on your action card.

Editing an Existing Action Card

To edit or view details for an existing Action Card, you can click on it in your list on the Admin screen. There, you can view or edit Action Card details, including who created it, when it was published, and see its API ID.

Home Screen Setup

Now that you’ve created all your Action Cards, it’s time to turn on your Home Screen! To turn the Home Screen on for your campaign, you can use the toggle in the Campaign Settings screen in your Admin Dashboard. Additionally, you can customize the header text for your home screen here. You can even use templating like {{user.first_name}} and {{user.last_name}} to personalize your message.

Tip: Add your logo!

If you’re on Reach Complete or Reach Movement, your logo will display at the top of your Home Screen, as well as your Search screen. If you haven’t loaded a logo for your campaign yet, you can do this on the Organization Details screen.

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