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The Integrations Admin screen is where you’ll create integration instances between Reach and external tools, like NGP VAN/EveryAction and Slack.

Integrations Admin screen.

Available Integration Types

There are a few different external services you can integrate with Reach:

  • Slack: Reach can send event notifications to the channel or user of your choice in Slack (more detailed information on setting up your Slack integration here).
  • NGP VAN/EveryAction: Reach can send survey responses to both My Voters and My Campaign in real time (more detailed setup instructions for VAN here).

Creating an Integration Instance

Tap the ‘+’ icon to the right of an integration type to add an integration instance. While some fields are specific to individual integration types, there is some universal information across integrations:

  • Name
  • Status: This allows you to set an integration instance as Active or Inactive. Inactive instances will not actually send any data to the external service, while Active instances will send information externally.
  • Configure tab: This is where you’ll enter the basic information needed to make your integrations instance functional, like an API key or a URL for an external webhook. This tab will look different for each integration type.
  • Features tab: This is where you will select which kinds of data will be sent to the external service via the integration instance. Different integration types will have different feature options available.

Once you’re done, you can save an existing integration instance, tap cancel to exit the integration instance setup, or delete an existing integration instance.

Managing Existing Integrations

Next to each integration type in the admin screen, you’ll see a count of the number of integration instances you’ve created for that integration type. You can click on an individual integration to display a summary of all of the integration instances you’ve created for that integration type, and you can click on an individual integration instance to edit or delete that instance.

API Key Security Note

Think of an API Key like a password for computers to talk to each other. Just like you connect to your online banking with a password, Reach connects to VAN with an API Key. So please treat it as you would a password that you care deeply about. API Keys should never be shared as plain text via any method at all. If you need to send an API Key to someone over the internet, we recommend sharing it using a service like

Which campaigns can create Integration Instances?

Integrations with Reach are available for Reach Complete and Reach Movement campaigns, but are not available for Reach Basics campaigns. Reach Complete campaigns can have up to three integration instances, while Reach Movement campaigns can have unlimited integrations.

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