Released February 20, 2020

This release brings a major new feature to help you contact those folks you have Reached and collected contact info for: Contact Scripts! When you tap on the SMS or Email button in a person’s profile, you can now pick from a list of pre-built scripts that your campaign can provide.

For Users

  • Contact scripts! Your campaign can set up scripts for the emails and texts you send from Reach so you can text those contacts at lightning speed! (Coming soon to web) [4e8717]
  • The “More” icon shown on the empty Network screen is now the right one.. [4gdyuv]
  • Email contact scripts without a subject line should now work properly. [4j9x69]

For Admins

  • Contact Scripts Admin. Make and manage the contact scripts that your users will see in the app. [4c8vmw]
  • Canvass Results in VAN Integration. Now you can map Reach responses to Canvass Results in VAN like “Not Home” or “Do not walk”. [4gekn1]
  • For multi-campaign orgs, campaigns should be sorted alphabetically in the the admin header drop-down. [4ef5j5]
  • Rows in admin tables now have a nice hover styling. [4pbzvu]
  • Sometimes, when editing a survey question and using Enter to make a new response option, you could get an error when saving your changes. [4pf6a3]

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