Released March 3, 2020

Contact Scripts aren’t just for the native app any more! With this release, users of the web app will have the same access to use Contact Scripts that appeared in Native in the previous version.

For Users

  • Contact scripts on web! Your campaign can set up scripts for the emails and texts you send from Reach so you can text those contacts at lightning speed! (Coming soon to web) [4e87r7]
  • When you delete a phone number or email address, the Contact Actions buttons were not immediately updating into their disabled state. [4ef67r]
  • If you saved survey responses and contact info in the same Save operation, the screen was not re-drawing properly to show the survey response even though it was properly saving. [50f6xa]
  • Emails from contact scripts without subject lines sometimes were not formatting properly in email clients. [4j9x7w]

For Admins

  • Survey question names can now only be 50 characters. This makes for a better experience with exports which use those question names as column headers. Old questions are grandmothered-in but names of new questions or edited questions will only be able to be 50 characters long. If you want a longer name to show up in the app, you can use the Display Name field. [4rfhzt]
  • Question Mapping for integrations has improved keyboard accessibility. [3ubz7v]
  • The Admin Dashboard has improved keyboard accessibility. [4wb4dy]
  • When selecting a user group to target a push notification, deleted groups will not show up. [4m6hh6]
  • Rows in admin tables will only have a hover style if they are clickable. [4ubcxg]

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Reach is a progressive technology start-up building tools for political campaigns, labor unions, non-profits, and activists around the united states. Read more about us here.

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