Released October 15, 2019

Pumpkin Spice Lattes are here and so is a new version of Reach! This versions brings a bunch of improvements throughout the app including some new features that make the Rankings screen work better for large campaigns, allow more customization of the Network screen, and make it easiest to keep track of who you’ve contacted and when.

For admins, you’ll also now be able to directly manage your Organization, directly control a bunch of recent features, upload logos, and even choose to display your logo to your users in the app if you’re on a Reach Movement subscription.

For Users

  • New Rankings Screen: The rankings screen is now more streamlined and customizable than before. A campaign can decide whether or not to show their users the “Campaign Totals” row and the leaderboard will never show more than the top 100 Reachers in a given campaign or on a given day. If you’re not seeing yourself in the top 100, you will see your own row at the top of the screen showing your currently stats and just how many more voters you need to Reach before you’ll have that top 100 glory.
  • Mark as Contacted: Canvassing interactions happen in many different ways, via many different communication channels. Previously, you could initiate a text or email message to a person from the Reach app, but when if you contact them via some other method? You had no way to let your campaign know you had talked to them. Now you do! Just tap the Action Menu button next to someone’s name on their profile screen and tap “Mark as Contacted”!
  • Last Reached Timer: Sometimes, it can be hard to keep track of when you last contacted a person. Not any more! Now, at the top of a person’s profile screen, under their tags, you’ll see a reminder of how long ago you last Reached them. This timer will reset any time you save survey responses for them, tap the SMS or Email button next to their contact info, or mark them as contacted outside Reach.
  • View Options on Network tab: You’ll now see the “Refine” button at the top of the Network tab, allowing you to customize that view and decide whether you want to see addresses, tags, and relationship markers there.
  • Relationship Markers available on all screens: Now, from the Refine Screen on Search Results or History, you can turn on Relationship Markers.


  • Rankings screen for Reach Basics: Our Reach Basics campaigns now have access to the Rankings screen like every other Reach campaign!
  • The Back button from the Person Profile screen and the Household Search button were sometimes tricky to tap. Now they’re less tricky!
  • If you added a relationship with someone before saving the tags you had applied, tags could be lost. That will on longer be the case.
  • On desktop, the main search inputs had odd mouse behavior.
  • Various other performance improvements and bug fixes.

For Admins

  • Organization Management
  • Upload Logos for your organization. Reach Movement campaigns can choose to display an organization logo on the search screen.
  • Direct Admin Control over the Network feature, who can see the Rankings totals, and privacy options for responses and contact info.


  • New “Relationship” export type for Admins

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