Released April 22, 2021

¡Reach está en español!
Reach est désormais en français !

Reach was born in Queens, NY, where more languages are spoken per capita than anywhere else in the world. Plus, we know that the amazing organizers using Reach around the country are working in many languages. One of our most requested features has been Spanish-language Reach, but why stop there? This version brings a re-written Reach UI which supports an unlimited number of languages. We are launching today with Spanish and French translations, but we have a new translation web portal which will allow us to gather, manage, and launch new translations quickly and easily any time you have a translator willing to help.

When each new user creates their account, they’ll get to pick which language they want to use Reach in (it will default to the language of their device) and then the entire Reach user interface, from buttons to tabs to input labels to description text, will be in their preferred language. This basically means every bit of text that comes from Reach and not from the campaign itself. Existing users can always edit their user profile to change their language selection.

Plus, in addition to this blockbuster feature, this version of Reach also include a whole new design for navigating within the app, including a new drawer to switch between your Campaigns.

For Users

  • Multi-Lingual Support! Spanish and French are live now. Let us know if you want to help translate Reach into a new language.
  • Redesigned Navigation: Check out the new “My Campaigns” drawer on the left and the new “User” drawer on the right. Access these from most screens in Reach.
  • Page Titles and Metadata on Web: Now rather than everything just saying “Reach” in your browser tab bar, it’ll tell you the actual name of the screen you’re looking at.
  • Campaign-Switching via Link: Now every URL for Reach includes the campaign’s “slug” so that going to a link for a different campaign will switch you to that campaign if you’re a member of it.
  • New URL structure: Reach URLs no longer include the “#” like they used to. They are now simpler and cleaner. Do keep in mind that any links you are using/sharing/posting that included the hash should be adjusted.
  • Deep Links and Universal Links: Now, when you click a link to Reach from a device that has Reach installed, it will open directly in the Reach app.
  • We’ve brought back the previous fancy zoom animation when you open an Action Card from the Home Screen. We’ve missed it so.
  • All links to Reach no longer include the # that was previously part of them.
  • We’ve improved the look of many of the headers throughout Reach so the text is centered better and wraps better.
  • On web, many of our modals look better and are sized better.
  • We’ve made some optimizations to help the Person Profile Screen load more quickly even after many searches.

For Admins

  • You can now edit your campaign’s slug from the Campaign Settings screen.
  • For Person Vocabulary, you can now choose from a drop-down of available options.

About Reach

Reach is a progressive technology start-up building tools for political campaigns, labor unions, non-profits, and activists around the united states. Read more about us here.

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