Released October 13, 2022 over the air

For Users


  • New and Improved Contact Import Experience! After hearing some awesome feedback and suggestions from you all over the past years, we are so excited to deliver some big improvements to the Contact Import user experience:
    • More clear instructions when starting contact import
    • A progress bar to track your work and straightforward buttons to select more contacts or pause and resume later.
    • After the initial search, you’ll now see all your contacts in order with the ability to filter them down to just the ones with matches, just the ones still To Do, etc.
    • When you have a contact in your phone whose name AND phone number match a voter in the voter file, this will now be surfaced as a “Great Match”. You will see which contacts have Great Matches right on the results screen and those Great Matches will be shown at the top of the list on the Matching screen. This should be a major improvement when matching contacts with common names in states where the voter file phone numbers are half decent.
    • At the top of the Matching screen, you’ll now see your original contact to make matching easier.
    • If you try to add a contact as a Reach Add, Reach will show you a warning making sure you understand the down-sides of doing so. Keep in mind that as of the last release, it is also now possible for campaigns to disable the ability to create Reach Adds within the Contact Import process.
    • For each potential match, you can now see their tags and any existing relationship you have with them. You can control what you see with a new Refine screen.
    • From each match, you can tap a new Expand button to see their full Person Screen.
    • On large screens, the contact import flow will now take place in a smaller pop-up window, making it easier to use.
  • We are now limiting the size of Network a given user can have to 3000 people. If you try to add person 3001, you will not be able to. We suggest keeping Networks under 1000 people for optimal performance.
  • Some Mobilize events without time slots could crash Reach.
  • Action Cards with very long URLs in their body contents could make the layout stretch too wide so words were cut-off on web.

For Admins

  • You can now use current Survey Responses as a basis for Smart Tag criteria! So you can make a smart tag that shows on anyone who is a 1 or 2, or a smart tag that shows on anyone who hasn’t answered your primary survey question yet. Go nuts!

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