Released October 10, 2023 over the air

We had promised more would be coming soon from our new Content Libraries and Sharing feature sets, and here they are! Using these new features, we hope you’ll be able to expand how you think about Relational Organizing to go beyond one-on-one texts to friends and allow users to have campaign-approved images, videos, and link at their fingertips to spread the good word and fight disinformation in all of their online spaces and virtual communities.

For Users


  • Social Media Content Library: Campaigns can now curate a library of content which users can view, download, and share on social media. For campaigns who have enabled this feature, you’ll see a new Library tab on the home screen where you can browse Recent Content, Galleries, and Labels. Each screen lets you filter and search content to find just the meme you want to share. Tap into a specific piece of content to download or share it!


  • Home Screen Redesign. The Home Screen has been redesigned to better accommodate the new Library tab. Now, there is just one tab for your “Action Feed” with a new sort/Quick Filter bar to help you see what you want more easily. Use the new Quick Filter bar to see completed task, tasks for a certain Call to Action type, and more.
  • We have tweaked the wording on one of the tutorial slides for Contact Import to make it more clear.

For Admins


  • Admins can now toggle the new Content Library features on and off from the “Home Screen” section of the Campaign Settings Screen.
  • Admins can now toggle whether new users should be set to receive push notifications for all chat messages by default or not. This is in the Chat section of the Campaign Settings Screen.
  • From the Asset Editing screen, there is now a new “Actions” tab where you can view, filter, and search all content actions which have been taken by users against that Asset.


  • Whenever users share links to Mobilize events via the Mobilize integration and the Home Screen Events Tab, they will be appended with utm_source=reach


  • The “Assets” tab of the Gallery editing form now fills the space better with the grid of assets.

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