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Home Screen

Welcome home!

When you load the Reach app, you may see a Home Screen if your organization has set one up. The Home Screen is where you can check out your Action Feed, review completed tasks, and check out upcoming Events hosted by your campaign. On the Action Feed, you’ll see a list of Action Cards with information and tasks you can do right now to support your campaign or organization. These Action Cards can link to places outside of Reach, as well as within the app.

Action Cards

Action Cards are you campaigns way of communicating with you how you can support their organizing goals. Some cards are informational and some cards are specific tasks, and you can see details about each card by tapping on the card to view it in a full screen. Task cards will have a check box on them. Tap the check box to mark the action as completed. Some task cards even have points assigned to them, so as you complete them you can rack up the rewards and check out how you stack up in the Rankings Screen!

Your card might have a “call to action” button – if it does, just tap it to take action to support your campaign. This call to action might take you to another screen in the Reach app, or even to an external link. No more searching for your campaign’s events page or phone banking signup – you’ve got it all right at your fingertips!

If you’re a campaign admin looking to set up action cards for your campaign, find more info on that here.

Action Types

There are five different “Call to Action” types your admin can assign to the button at the bottom of your Action Card.

Content Share

This will let you share images, videos, and links to other platforms using other apps on your phone.

Internal Link

This links to another screen within the Reach app – it can take you to Search, History, Network, Rankings, Chat or My Account.

External Link

This will take you to an external website, like social media, an events page, a campaign website, or more!

File Upload

This will allow you to upload a file or image, or take an image with your phone camera. You will also get a way to include a comment/note with the file upload.

Contact Network

This will open a list of everyone in your Network so you can message everyone you know with a pre-filled Contact Script created by your campaign! You can edit the script before you start sending it out to your network to make sure it sounds like it’s coming from you. Once you tap the call to action button to get started, you’ll see your contacts listed with a Send button next to their name. Tap that button and pick which method you want to use to contact them and we’ll fill in your customized script for you. As soon as you send the message, that contact’s button will turn green and you can move on right down the list. You can even sort and filter this list just like the normal Network screen.

Home Screen Tabs

Your Home Screen has separate tabs you can use for different views of your action cards and campaign events:

Action Feed

The Action Feed tab shows you all of the informational and incomplete task Action Cards. The cards appear in chronological order with the most recent at the top, except for some cards which can be “pinned” to top by your campaign if they’re very important.

Most Popular

The Most Popular tab to show you which cards all the cool kids are into based on how many other people on your campaign have interacted with the cards


The Completed tab to show you all the awesome work you’ve already done.


The Events tab is powered by Reach’s integration with Mobilize. Use this tab to find and sign up for upcoming events!

Tips and Tricks

If you have a question about a specific action item, you can ask your organization for more details! Tap the campaign name in the upper left corner to go to the My Account screen, and then tap the gear icon to see the “Email Campaign” option.

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