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About Invite Codes

An invite code is a unique series of letters and numbers that Admins give supporters to let them instantly join their campaign. Admins can generate, delete, or review invite codes by going to the Admin Dashboard, and clicking on Invite Codes.

Please note that this feature is only available on Reach Complete and Reach Movement campaigns. If you’d like to upgrade in order to access this or other features, please contact us at [email protected]

Expired Codes

Every code that is generated will allow multiple people to join your campaign at once. Once your code reaches its expiration date, it will be known as “Expired”. Once all the available slots are used, it will be known as “Depleted”. These expired and depleted codes will be displayed in separate sections (as exemplified in the screenshot below), but they will not be used for actually joining your campaign. Any invite code in any state (active, expired, or depleted) can be deleted using the red trash icon in its row.

Generating New Codes

From the Invite Codes screen, tap the blue “Generate New Code” button in the top right to open up a New Invite Code dialog box. This box will ask you to label your invite code (try labeling the code based on how it will be used or who it will be given to), an expiration date/time for the code, and the number of slots available for that code. The number of slots available per code can be customized.

Image: the window that comes up when you tap on the "Generate New Code" button in the top-right corner of the "Manage Invite Codes" screen.
The “New Invite Code” window.

Use this screen to generate and manage invite codes. These codes allow Reach users to join your campaign without an individual invitation. From their campaign picker, they can merely enter an invite code and they will magically be able to use Reach for your campaign.

The “Invite Codes” screen in the Admin dashboard.


Be cautious and aware of where you share invite codes because anyone in possession of a code will be able to use them, unless you have deleted the code, it’s expired, or it’s depleted. You can always remove a user (see the “Manage Users” article), but you’ll be much better off if your invite code is only shared with trusted friends of your campaign.

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